Hand Gripper Wars – New Series

Here at Gods Of Grip if there’s one thing we love above all else, its hand grippers. Our collection is ever growing and we have found they come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, resistances, brands and so on.

We have cooked up an idea of giving our 2 cents on each hand gripper out there. Or at least as many as we can find! We will be purchasing the grippers all around the same resistance level to make sure its a fair test.

We will give a full review of each gripper from unboxing to using it during workouts for at least a week. So hopefully this will become a weekly recurring blog. We will try to be as honest as possible giving you an unbiased review of the product.

The routine I have planned to go through with each gripper would be as follows:

  • Packaging
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Knurling
  • Handle Width
  • Spread
  • Overall Feel
  • Performance
  • Rating upon arrival vs Rating after 1 weeks use.

I will try to keep the workouts roughly the same for each week and take a before / after picture when they are probably all chalked up!

If you’ve ever wondered about which hand gripper to go for or which style will suit you best, hopefully over the coming weeks we can answer some of those questions for you.

We will add a brief summary and rating of the hand grippers we have tested out below. As part of the ‘wars’ we will be comparing the pro’s and con’s of certain hand grippers against each other and hopefully at the end come out with our favourite gripper.


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