Welcome to Gods Of Grip, let us give you a brief description about us.

Gods Of Grip started back in early 2018 with the vision to develop and grow the sport of grip. 

It all started as a dream..

The Gods Of Grip Story..


Back in 2018 when we first launched.. We wandered out into the world wide web, not really knowing what to expect.

We began writing weekly blogs and updates on our website. The creation of the Grip Shed gave us a great training facility to learn, develop and try out new techniques. As our knowledge of the sport grew, the information we put out got better.

- December 2018 - 1000 Instagram followers

Towards the end of 2018 we begun introducing some new products into our shop that we used in the Grip Shed on a daily basis. Simple yet effective products that are really easy to use became very popular.


In early 2019 we made the decision to switch platforms and move to WordPress to help manage our online growth. 

- June 2019 -1000 Online Orders

"Wow! It's safe to say we didn't expect that. Reaching 1000 orders in our first year is crazy. Thank you so much!"

The new website was under development for a few months before we launched fully in June. It was a very exciting time which coincided with the launch of our brand new Godlike Gripper series. Creating our own brand of grippers is something we dreamed about and when it finally happened we couldn't quite believe it. 

- July 2019- 2000 Instagram followers

2019 proved to be a very exciting year adding a variety of new products, the introduction of Hand Gripper Heaven, one of our best written and most in depth training guides. 

We entered a few competitions including the British Grip Championships and Bonehill Grip Contest in Finland. With plans to host our own competitions in 2020 we couldn't wait to get started...

- November 2019 - 5000 Online Orders

"Just insane, I don't really know what else to say..."


Well you know what happens here.. The year we all want to brush under the carpet and forget about. COVID-19 hit and home gym training took the world by storm.

- 3000 Instagram Followers

Before we knew it our stock was empty. That's when we went back to our routes, creating quality content for you to enjoy and hopefully learn from. Home gym training methods to improve your grip with simple equipment like..

  • Pots and pans
  • Buckets
  • Towels

We continued to try and make improvements to our website and introduce more products into our line.

Late 2020 we begun launching our latest product line, the Godlike Grip Tools. Some based on classic grip favorites and some brand new out of the grip laboratory. 


Our continued growth into the early part of 2021 has led us onto a new journey. We are in the process of revamping our website and hopefully improving user experience as well as continuing to improve our shop selection and quality of products.

As I write this section of our latest Journey post we are about to hit 10,000 orders... I'm not quite sure how this has happened or what's to come but we're absolutely loving the ride.

The best is yet to come....

The Founder

Let me just quickly introduce myself. I am Tom Lymath, founder of Gods Of Grip.

My passion for Grip & Arm lifting training begun in early 2016. I started off training with hand grippers & the some really simple grip tools. This when the passion became an obsession.

A whole new world of equipment opened up to me and as I started learning how to use this equipment and develop new training methods I begun writing blogs.

After some time these blogs eventually turned into guides. Now we even have our own line of hand grippers, wow!

I love learning about the all different aspects of grip, each sport depends on grip in a different way and it is truly fascinating how performance can be improved with a little grip training.

Thanks for reading!

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