Cannonball Blobs

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Weight: 8kg
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You've heard of blobs... But how about Cannonball Blobs? 

Due to the increased rarity of the original blobs we've introduced cannonball's. A great variation on the lift providing a very tough challenge for your pinch grip.

The sheer size of the cannonballs makes them really difficult to hoist up. Currently available in 4 different weights we will be looking to introduce more in the future.


  • Solid cannonballs
  • Variety of weights
  • Variety of diameters
  • Finished in our signature texture
  • UK Made

How tough are they to lift?

What makes the cannonballs difficult to lift is the size and shape. It's really tough to get a solid grip on the ball, and the size of them, especially the larger ones makes it even tougher.

Impossiball 32kg

We've named the 32kg impossiball. Simply because we can't lift it and honestly we're not even sure if anyone can.. It's an absoulte mammoth 32kg with a diameter of nearly 20cm! 

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