Preventing Loss of Strength In Hands

This is a topic a few of my work colleagues and family have asked recently as the winter months have been creeping in! Why do my hands feel weak? How do I prevent loss of hand strength? Why does my grip feel weaker? We use our hands for pretty much everything on a daily basis and it only makes sense that we want to keep them in as good a condition as we can. Doing some simple exercises daily can significantly improve your hand strength and mobility and ultimately help prevent loss of strength in the hands. I will list a few quick easy exercises you can do without the need for any equipment even while sat down watching the tv!

Squeeze and release That’s it, squeeze your hand tight into a fist, hold it for a few seconds then release it expanding the fingers as wide as you can, you can do this around 5/10 times on each hand. Not only will you feel this in your hands but you will also be working muscles from your wrist up to your elbow. Spread the Prayer This one I have found particularly useful for people who have poor wrist mobility, put your palms together like you would to pray, press them together tightly moving your elbows out in front of you so you can push them together firmly, stretch your fingers as wide as they will go, hold it then close them, repeating this motion again 5/10 times, this will activate many muscles in the hand and fingers stimulating them getting the blood flowing. If you want to help build strength as well as prevent loss you can use some very cheap tools to help you with this which can all be used in the comfort of your own home. Our very own Grip Ring, simple yet very effective. Just simply squeeze it, pull it, squash it, do whatever you want with it, these are a great way to test and stimulate your hand strength.
There are 3 different tensions so start off with the green and move onto the others if you feel you need to. Another great way to prevent loss of strength in your hands is to get some hand grippers. Keep them on your desk at work or on the table in your lounge and just do a quick 10 reps for a couple of sets every day and you will soon notice a massive difference!


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