IronMind Hub – Crushed To Dust?

This week saw the arrival of the Ironmind Hub, finally! I have been waiting for one of these to come into stock for weeks now, it has actually felt like forever, but now that it’s here we can embrace the pain and get our pinch grip strength to new levels. It also means we can attempt the Ironmind Crushed to Dust challenge which consists of a 90kg Rolling Thunder Deadlift, 20kg Hub lift and COC #2 close with a credit card set. This is definitely something i’ll be training for over the next few months, all the lifts have been completed already but making sure it is easy in competition will be the key to getting certified! That’s the dream. Back to the hub, the first week with this saw some pretty impressive lifts already and we are definitely going to be using it alot more in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

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