Gods Of Grip Crush Club

The Crush Club is an exclusive list of people who have managed to complete the challenges laid down by the Gods.

At the moment we have two different challenges

Can you defeat Hades?

Crushing our toughest rated Hand Gripper Hades or for women Achilles.

Many have tried.. Most have failed

The rules are:

  • The Hand Gripper Must Be An Official Godlike Gripper
  • Colour or Rating Must Be Clearly Shown Before Closing
  • Setting Is Allowed From A Credit Card Width
  • Women – Achilles
  • Men – Hades

To submit your close please do so below.

Successful Hades Crushes


  • Tom Lymath
  • Sam Parker
  • Thomas Head
  • Carl-August Mertz


  • Sergey Goneko
  • Ethan Bird
  • Kyle F
  • Gripator
  • Emmanouil Marizas
  • Matt Freestone
  • Joe Kirkwood
  • Nathan Holle
  • Aricunisi
  • Michael Mash
  • Shane Miller
  • Giorgio Giannico
  • Mitch Jackson

Successful Achilles Crushes


  1. Laura Breakell

Master Of Steel

The second feat of strength is an unbraced bend on one of our 5.5 Star short steel bars.

Bending one of these bars is an incredible feat of strength.

The rules are:

  • The bar must be an official Gods Of Grip 5.5 + Star Bar
  • The bar must be visible for the whole bend
  • Suede Leather / Cordura wraps are allowed
  • Magnesium carbonate is allowed
  • Tape or bandage is not allowed
  • The bend must be no greater than 2″ (inner portion of the legs)

What is an unbranded bend:

  • Waist level, bending the nail downward into a U
  • Chest level, bending the nail downward into a U
  • Head or chest level, bending the nail downward into a U

Submit Your Crush

Submit your feat to our email info@godsofgrip.co.uk including your:


Instagram @


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