The Roll To Glory #4

Reps on reps on reps on reps. That’s how the Rolling Thunder is going at the moment I am really focusing on this lift now until April where I will be competing in the British Grip Championships hosted by David Horne, the day after is the Record Breakers #6 which I will also be competing in. The lifts are not decided yet but I would be hoping to complete the Crushed to Dust Challenge at this point. I will be re-writing and re-tuning the current Gods of Grip Rolling Thunder 6 week plan, adapting it as I become more experienced. Remembering everyone responds differently to certain training methods, the current plan is very good for beginner/intermediate training and has helped me progress towards my goal of 100 kg. If you want to download the current 6 week guide you can do here. The new guide will be focusing on both high reps and holds for time, it will be absolutely brutal and require some serious dedication completing all the reps but the end results will be worth it. Back to what happened this week, 73 kg for 16 reps! On my last set I felt like there was still a bit left in the tank so just went for AMRAP and managed 16, not too bad, considering 75 was pretty much my max 4 months ago I was very happy with that!

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