The Gripboard – Home of the grip tools

One of the main features of our Grip Shed, the gripboard is home to some of our favorite grip tools.

Many home gyms make use of pegboards.. But only gripsters can call theirs a gripboard.

Perfect for saving space, looking cool and also giving easy access to your equipment they are a must have.

We will give you a quick run down below on what we keep on our gripboard.

Godlike Grippers

What would the gripboard be without our very own Godlike Hand Grippers… I mean it would still be pretty cool, just not quite as eye catching.

Godlike Grippers are something we love using in the grip shed and they hang proud on our gripboard.

The perfect way to display all 5 of them in their true glory.

Rolling Handles

Rolling handles are great fun. Luckily we have quite a few different brands. They come in all shapes  and sizes, the largest of which is the 3″ Silarukov rolling handle and smallest is a 2″ Radeon Sports rolling handle.

Each sized handle comes with a different challenge on what sort of strength you must use to lift it. The main factor is the ‘roll’. That’s what makes these handles so hard, they want to roll right out of your hands, peeling the fingers open they really will test all your strength.

World Of Grip

We have also managed to squeeze a few of David Horne’s world of grip tools onto our board.

Meat Hooks
The dreaded meat hooks! If you’re looking for pain.. Then these are for you, although they are fun it really is quite a painful lift, especially when you reach the higher weights.

Training Penny
Small and mighty! The training penny may look like nothing but it will have you baffled when you’re struggling to lift 10kg off the ground! A really fun and cheap piece of equipment to have!

Unfortunately as most of the World Of Grip tools are in obscure shapes thats all we could fit on! For more information check our our World Of Grip equipment page.

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