York Legacy Blob’s

What are Blob's

  • York Legacy Blob

    York legacy blobs are extremely sought after items and are hard to come by these days as York no longer manufacture the cast iron dumbbells used to make them.
    These blobs have been created from the York Legacy Dumbbells KG.


    Blob’s are one of the best pinch grip training tools out there and they are also extremely hard to lift when the weight cranks up a bit!

    Thick in size they are hard to get a grasp of due to the smooth texture but with a decent pinch grip you will soon be lifting them.

    What Weight To Go For

    If you are unsure what weight to go for it is best to test out how much you can lift with one hand, preferably on a thicker pinch block then half it. Blobs are much harder than pinch blocks due to their width. Bigger hands gives you a good advantage in this lift.

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