Grip Accessories are an important training tool for everyone. We have a variety of accessories to suit every occasion.

Warming Up

An essential part of training is the warming up. Our finger exercisers and grip rings are perfect for this. Keep them in your gym bag and just have a quick 2 minute warm-up you begin exercising.
This can help prevent injury or strains in the hand / wrist on exercises such as the bench press.


As well as being perfect for warming up.. They can also be used as recovery tools. Increasing the blood flow in your hands, wrists and forearms will help speed up recovery.


If you have suffered an injury and need to build back up some wrist/hand strength then these accessories will all help build back a solid foundation. As well as building strength.

Building Grip Strength

Accessories can also be a great addition to any strength building program. The higher resistance items such as the orange grip ring or finger exerciser are perfect for starting out building up a solid base before moving onto tougher items such as our Godlike Grippers.

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