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Lifting a Thomas Inch dumbbell is one of the holy grails in grip sport.

A successful lift would be using one hand to pick up the dumbbell and stand up straight with it, locking out. Not using any other part of your body to assist you.

We've created our dummbells to the original specifications of the Thomas Inch dumbbells, currently available in a limited number of weights. We are hoping to improve the selection in the future.


  • 28kg, 46kg, 66kg, 78kg
  • Handle diameter: 60mm / 2.3/8"
  • Handle length: 10cm / 4"
  • Finished in our signature texture
  • UK Made


Due to the weight and size of these dumbbells, we are currently quoting individual shipping per order. 

Can you lift the Thomas Inch Dumbbell?

Think you've got what it takes to lift the Thomas Inch dumbbell? Many have tried.. Only a few have succeeded. 

There are a few different techniques employed by people these days to help make the lift easier. The main issue with the Inch Dumbbell is its ability to just roll out of your hands. If you can combat the roll, you’ve got a great chance of lifting it.

One way to do this is by tilting the dumbbell, it helps eliminate some of the roll, therefore making the lift easier. 

That said… Deep down, you know you’ve been cheating (a little bit anyway). The best way to showcase your mammoth grip strength would be by balancing an object on either globe of the dumbbell, then lifting it whilst they stay on. This shows a completely level lift. A lifelong goal achieved, and membership to a very exclusive group of lifters. 

Due to the weight and size of these dumbbells they require custom shipping. Each order will be quoted on an individual basis. Please get in touch with us to confirm costs before purchase.

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