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A real favorite amongst the strongman community, farmers walk handles are regularly used in competitions Worldwide.

Farmers walk handles are notoriously hard on the hands. Exceptional for building crush grip, support grip, developing upper back muscle and forearm strength.

We've tested our farmers handles up to 200kg each, 400kg total, if you're lifting anymore than that on these, then you're not human.

Thick Grip

We've taken the standard farmers handles and slapped on a juicy 2" handle for increased muscle engagement (and pain). These are excellent for training thick grip implements, getting your hands ready for those thick grip dumbbell cleans, axle presses and axle deadlifts.

With 10" of plate loadable space on each loading pin there's plenty of room for you to max out, although I guarantee you'll be in for a shock when using our thick grip handles compared to your regular measly knurled handles.

Heavy Duty Construction

Farmers handles are generally used outside and at the end of your set, there's a good chance you're going to want to drop them. We've manufactured our farmers handles from heavy duty 6mm steel with angled fronts to help add a little bit less friction if you drop them when moving at pace.

Using Your Farmers Handles

The beauty of farmers handles is just how versatile they are. With the added thickness of our handles, it adds another element to the lift.

Most of you will be looking to perform farmers carries. These are excellent for developing grip strength, back strength, cardiovascular endurance and building forearm muscle. 

Another great exercise we love handing out to our clients are farmers holds. Painful but worth it. Simply load on the weight, grab the thick grip handles as tight as you can, lift and hold... And hold a little bit longer. This will help develop support grip which is hugely important for not only strongman events but the majority of other strength sports too.

Recently we've even seen some people using these handles as practice for car deadlift. Car deadlift handles can often vary in width, some allow straps some don't. So you're best to be prepared. Perform some reps with our farmers handles, it's a great, tiring challenge.


  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Made from High Quality Steel
  • 2" Sleeves to fit Olympic Weights
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • 2" Thick Grip Handle
  • 15kg Each (30kg Pair)

Although we've taken every effort to protect our farmers handles, no matter how tough our paint is, it will get battered and bruised when adding / removing weight plates. However the quality will remain the same for many years to come.

Our Quality

We pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing all of our grip tools in the UK. our thick grip farmers handles are no different. They are an awesome training tool not just for grip, but for all round body strength and endurance.

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