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Nails are perfect for learning how to bend steel and build hand strength. These 8" nails are very tough and should only be attempted by experienced steel benders.

These are basic round head steel 8" nails with 7mm diameter.

  • Wrap It
  • Bend It
  • Snap It
  • Explode your wrist / grip strength
  • Develop your cardiovascular endurance

Steel bending is a great way to improve both your grip strength and cardiovascular endurance.

We have rated this nail as 4.5 Star Difficulty.

Star Ratings

1 - 2 Star difficulty is for beginners to steel bending / snapping. These are ideal for working on your technique, building a solid foundation of strength and endurance. 

3 - 4.5 Star difficulty is a noticeable step up from the 2 star difficulty, especially on the initial bend. This level is where most people will find the best results for training, practice makes perfect.

5 - 6 Star difficulty is where things start to get tough. The initial bend on an the 5 - 6 star pieces of steel is not for the faint hearted. Snapping one of these is a great accomplishment.

6.5 - 7+ Star difficulty is home to the elite steel benders. This level of strength requires a lot of practice and dedication. It's good to get hold of one of these and feel just how tough it is. Practice practice practice...

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