Pinch Block Bundle

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The pinch bundle has been designed to specifically target your PINCH grip strength. Combing our best products this bundle will take your crush strength to the next level. 

You have the option of selecting from the Pinch Block, Cube or both.


  • 6mm Narrow Pinch Block
  • 60mm Pinch Block
  • 80mm Cube
  • 3 x Finger Exercisers
  • 100g Godlike Grip Chalk
  • Heavy Duty Carabiner

Pinch Grip

This is the strength between your fingers and thumb. You can actually develop a surprisingly strong pinch grip. Pinch grip relies less on the forearm than crush / support grip so requires more focused training to develop.

We also recommend adding one of our loading pins for use with your grip tools. They are essential for performing lifts with and allow you to add weight easily. 

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