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Size: 60mm Block
Carabiner(s): No
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Pinch blocks are simply the best grip training tool for increasing raw pinch grip strength.

Available in a variety of sizes this allows you to train, narrow or wide pinch depending on your goals. 

We've created our pinch blocks perfectly (If we do say so ourselves) for one handed lifting, wide enough to fit your hand and deep enough for even the longest of hands (no cheating). 

  • 150mm Length
  • 120mm Depth
  • 60mm / 80mm Width

Using Your Pinch Block

Simply attach your pinch block of choice to our Olympic Loading Pin using a carabiner to get started. Then you're ready for some awesome pinch lifting.

Wrap your hands onto the pinch block, you want to try and get your hand as snug on the block as possible. Then hoist the weight up until you've locked out.

We've actually written a really handy 'How To Pinch' training guide which will help you get the hang of things.

Choice Of Size

Our standard pinch block currently comes in 2 different widths

  • 64mm Width - Perfect for all round use and pinch lifting
  • 75mm Width - More of a challenge for medium sized hands (Wide Pinching)

Even though the difference is just 9mm, this little bit of extra width makes a huge difference (I know what your thinking.. Just stop..). The 75mm pinch block is surprisingly tough to lift, it really is a great challenge.

Our Quality

We pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing all of our grip tools in the UK. Our full range of pinch blocks are no different. This was one of the first grip tools we released back in early 2019. We've made a few changes since then and now we really feel like we've perfected the specification.


  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Made from High Quality Steel
  • Choice Of Sizes
  • Lug Designed For Perfectly Fitting A Carabiner
  • Painted In Our Signature Textured Finish
  • Designed For All Sized Hands
  • Competition Spec Grip Tool

GOG Signature Texture

One of the biggest features we wanted for our grip tools was the ability to prevent rusting, allow good chalk adhesion and ensure a consistent long lasting feel. With the top secret textured finish we've created, it nails all of the features above. 

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