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Our Olympic Loading Pins are manufactured in the UK using the highest quality steel.

Crafted from steel tube with a 6mm solid circular base, they're ready for heavy lifting.

Our lug is perfectly designed to allow for easy clipping / unclipping of your carabiner.

Using Your Loading Pin

Loading pins have a variety of uses, simply add your weight, attach your grip tool and lift away. They are an essential tool for developing grip strength, forearm musculature and all round body strength.

Loading pins can also be used with other grip tools such as our heavy duty wrist roller, this combination provides an arm busting workout, superb for developing support grip strength and musculature.

We've also seen the creative ones out there develop their own pulley systems for performing rows, curls and pull downs, using the loading pin to stack up weight.

Our Quality

We pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing all of our grip tools in the UK. Our Olympic Loading Pins are no different. At 15" high, this is the standard competition height for lifting.

We've tested and tested our loading pins ensuring they're up to the job, all the way up to 250kg, we would have gone higher, but there was no room left!

Grip Tools

Loading pins are the must have tool for attaching all of your grip tools. Our grip tools are all manufactured with the same easy access lug. This allows for easy changing between sets.


  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Made from High Quality Steel
  • 2" Sleeve to fit Olympic Weights
  • 15" Standard Loading Pin Height
  • Lug Designed For Perfectly Fitting A Carabiner
  • 6mm Solid Circular Base
  • Painted In Our Signature Textured Finish

Although we've taken every effort to protect our loading pins, no matter how tough our paint is, it will get battered and bruised when adding / removing weight plates. However the quality will remain the same for many years to come.


If you're just starting out with grip training, we've created some awesome bundles that include a loading pin and a selection of grip tools at an discounted price.

You can check out our bundles here.

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