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The IronMind Little Big Horn is an excellent grip training tool and we are happy to represent such a great brand in our store.

As part of our IronMind product line we are aiming to offer this at the best price available in the UK.

Blacksmiths demonstrated their superior strength by lifting an anvil by the horn--the taper of the horn and the weight of the anvil tested one's grip to the limit. Now you can train progressively and conveniently and this test of grip strength. An event favorite at grip competitions worldwide, the Little Big Horn current world records are: 

  • Men: Laine Snook at 107.29 kg/236.53 lb.) on 4 April 2015 
  • Women: Elizabeth Horne at 61.45 kg/135.47 lb. on 4 April 2015 

See how you compare: at the 2012 IronMind Record Breakers, Adam Glass hauled up 100 kg (220.5 lb.), what is now the de facto world record. If you can do

  • 130 lb. - average
  • 155 lb. - accomplished 175 lb. - world-class
  • 6" long x 3" in diameter at one end, tapering to 1-1/2"
The IronMind little big horn is an excellent training tool and a worthy addition to any gripsters collection.

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