Heavy Duty Power Twisters

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Resistance: 60kg
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Power twisters are a product we've had people request for a LONG time. We finally managed to find some of a high enough quality to add to our store.


Our heavy duty power twisters are the real deal. 60kg resistance is acheivable by most people but 80kg+ Is for serious strength athletes. They are tough.

Power twisters provide a surprisngly good workout. The constant resistance provides excellent time under tension allowing you to build muscle and strength.

You can use these trainers in a few different ways, we recommend:

  • Chest crushes
  • Crushes behind the back
  • Curls with the arms

Simply grab the handles either side of the spring and try to bring your hands as close to each other as you can. This really does provide a tough challenge and there are definetly gains to be made using this tool.

Currently available in 3 resistances 60kg, 80kg, 100kg, from what we have tested the 100kg is a beast. You're going to need some serious strength to budge this thing. But we know some of you will be able to!

Perfect for taking with you on the move on work trips or even lunch time sessions at work! The Power Twister has got you covered.

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