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The black resistance band has a diameter of 0.9", this provides a noticably tougher stretch compared to the red and can be used for a great workout. With the resistance provided between 11-30kg it's ideal for all round training.

There are many different ways you can use reistance bands, let's look into some ways you can mix up your training.

Grip Lifts

As mentioned above, we love using resistance bands for adding time under tension onto our lifts. The way we do this is by

  • Hook the band onto your feet / rack
  • Attach the grip tool using a carabiner
  • Lift as normal, try to hold at the top or overextend the lift

By holding at the top of the lift, this provides constant tension, really helping to improve your support grip. It's a very effective way to mix up your training and keep it feeling fresh.

Warming Up

Obviously there are a variety of stretches you can perform to warm up, some basic ones include:

  • Shoulder circles
  • Face pulls
  • Lateral raises
  • Side bends

Building Muscle

We recently wrote our Top 5 Best Resistance Band Exercises For Big Arms which breaks down some of our favourite exercises for building muscle and arm size.

The key really is just keep the repetitions high and focus on the squeeze. 

Building Strength

By adding the tougher resistance bands into your routine you can add some extra weight onto your lifts, especially at the top. We often use bands to perform holds for time and obviously our favorite, wrist curls.


Manufactured from high quality latex, our resistance bands are durable, stretchy and lightweight.

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