Pinch Block Grip Training Program – 6 Week Structure

Crafted by the Gods themselves, this pinch grip training program has been deciphered from ancient relics passed down through time and pieced together into this masterpiece. Our Pinch Block 6 week program is short and sweet but will have your fingers begging for mercy.

Tried and tested by several of our members it is sure to give you success on increasing weight and timed holds on any kind of Pinch Block.

  • Adaptable on any width pinch block
  • Approved by world class pinch block trainers
  • Designed to improve max weight and hold time
  • Easy to follow and progress

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With a severe lack of information out there on how to progress your pinch block training or pinch grip training in general. We went to work on crafting up this training program.

Incorporating a style of lifts including holds for time and reps, this program really does help develop your pinch grip strength.

Easy to follow and understand the guide includes all lifts necessary even your warm ups.


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