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Official IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Block Training Tool

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The IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Block is an excellent pinch grip training tool. Designed for all sized hands you can’t go wrong with this pinch block. 

As part of our IronMind product line we are aiming to offer this at the best price available in the UK.

‘A classic feat of pinch gripping involved seeing if you could haul up a pair of old-style York 45s smooth side out – which almost nobody could do. Pinch gripping a pair of 35s in this manner was very respectable and even doing a pair of 25s was better than most could manage.

Our pinch grip blocks were created with this feat of strength in mind, although they give you the advantage of a plate-loaded barbell so you can prosper by putting on whatever amount of weight you need to do the job. Now 6 inch x 3 inch x 6 inch so there’s plenty of room for even the biggest-handed gents around and we think the new width gives you a better pinch-gripping workout.’ 

Loading pin not included.


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