Official IronMind Rolling Thunder – Revolving Deadlift Handle UK

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The IronMind Rolling Thunder is simple one of the best grip training tools on the market. This is the latest model of the Rolling Thunder.

As part of our IronMind product line we are aiming to offer this at the best price available in the UK.

The Rolling Thunder is a must have piece of equipment for every gripster, arm wrestler and rock climber. A very versatile piece of equipment that can be used in many different ways such as;

  • Single arm deadlifts from a loading pin
  • Pull ups
  • Attached to a cable machine
  • Used with bands

The Rolling Thunder is a staple competition in the grip world and will be for a long time to come.

The dimensions of the IronMind Rolling Thunder are 7-1/2″ in length (rotating portion is 6″ in length); 2-3/8″ in diameter, so its much thicker than your average deadlift bar. This makes it much more challenging, then the fact that it rotates makes it even harder!

Being part of the crushed to dust challenge, you are required to lift 90kg with the rolling thunder, 20kg with the hub and close a no2 captains of crush hand gripper within 3 minutes. The most difficult of these without doubt is the rolling thunder, once you have mastered this then you should be good to go!

We do actually have some Rolling Thunder training guides to help you master your technique.

Check out our Instagram where we regularly post videos of Rolling Thunder lifts.

How do you compare on the Rolling Thunder;

  • 55kg / 125lb Average
  • 84kg / 185lb Accomplished
  • 113kg / 250lb World Class