Rolling Thunder Grip Training Program – 6 Week

Crafted by the Gods themselves our Rolling Thunder Training guide will challenge even the most accomplished of lifters..

This Rolling Thunder Grip Training Program has been deciphered from ancient relics passed down through time and pieced together into this masterpiece.

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Our IronMind Rolling Thunder Grip Training Guide was in the making and development for over 1 year.

Many changes have been made tweaking and adjusting weights.

But now we have finally perfected the recipe and constructed this 6 week rolling thunder grip training masterpiece.

Don’t be fooled thinking this is just a run of the mill easy to guide.

This guide is HARD, it will test you to the max and will require serious determination and focus.

Check out some of our best rolling thunder lifts on Instagram.

This training program is included as part of the Crushed To Dust package.

This guide is designed to improve your Rolling Thunder Grip strength. All you have to do is enter your current max weight and the spreadsheet does the rest.

The lifts also include warm up’s so you’re getting the full workout.

It includes a number of reps and holds to give you the ultimate boost to your Rolling Thunder Training.

Being the hardest part of the Crushed to dust challenge this is sure to point you in the right direction for your training.

Whats In It

  • Easy To Follow Guide With Structured Training
  • Includes all weights for training including warm-ups
  • Crafted by experienced members of the Gods of Grip team
  • Tested formula for increasing your Rolling Thunder Grip

Rolling Handles are one of the most popular training devices used in both training and competition. This training program can be used on any rolling handle. The results will still be great!

6 Gruelling weeks of training will have you begging for mercy. It really is not for the faint hearted. If you are struggling for motivation check out a recent rolling thunder blog.

This training program will be downloaded in .xlsx format and compatible with Microsoft Excel or Google Drive. Simply open the file and enter your current maximum weight then follow the program!


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