IronMind Rolling Thunder Grip Training Tips & Tricks

Unearthed from a recently discovered ancient tomb stored inside a sealed chamber we have deciphered ancient scrolls containing the secrets to unlocking Godlike Grip Strength. Specifically for use with the Rolling Thunder..

Our Training Tips and Tricks are sure to give you the help and guidance needed to progress your Rolling Thunder strength to the next level.
This guide can also be adapted for other rolling handles.


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Our IronMind Rolling Thunder Grip Training Tips & Tricks guide is the perfect addition to any training program.

  • Easy To Follow Guide
  • Extensive Training Methods Explained
  • Technique Analysis and Detailed Images
  • Includes everything you need to know about Rolling Thunder Grip Training
  • Crafted by experienced members of the Gods of Grip team

Used for increasing rolling handle strength this guide shows you the perfect accessory movement to use and how to use them, as well as explaining technique for the Rolling Thunder.

It is also ideal for any starters looking to learn how to use the equipment.

The training guide will be sent via email after purchase and can be downloaded in PDF format and will be available for reading on all devices


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