High Tier Grip Ring Plus Set (3)

  • Perfect For Building Strength
  • Warming Up
  • Recovery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Available in 6 Different Resistances 30lb – 80lb

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The High Tier Grip Ring Plus Set includes our higher level rings 60lb Pink, 70lb Purple, 80lb Black.

Currently available in 6 different resistances, and colors, they are an upgrade on our hugely popular original o-zone grip rings.

The larger size allows for a better feel when using the grip rings. Accompanied with the new flower style shape, the ridges allow you to get a better, more comfortable grip.

Not only are they perfect for warming up. The higher resistance on these rings really does make them challenging, they are great for building strength too!

The High Tier Grip Ring Plus Set will be a great addition to your grip training routine. Once you start crushing the 80lb ring, you know you’re getting strong!

Some other features of the grip ring plus include:

  • Non toxic
  • Odourless
  • Recycleable
  • Made from high quality silicone

Check out how to use the grip ring plus here!

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