Hand Gripper Training Packages – 5 Levels

  • Your Gripper Of Choice
  • 1 x Grip Ring Plus
  • 1 x Finger Exerciser
  • 1 x 50g Godlike Grip Chalk
  • 1 x Hand Gripper Heaven Training Guide PDF (Download)
9 customer reviews

£ 19.99 £ 36.44

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Our Gods of Grip Hand Gripper Training Packages are the ultimate way to progress your crush grip strength.

We have hand selected each item in this package to specifically aid your hand / crush grip strength.

The main item in the package is one of our Godlike Grippers. The level of the Gripper selected represents the difficulty of the package.

Ranked easiest to hardest you can make a selection based on your current level of strength:

  1. Poseidon 100lb
  2. Tlaloc 150lb
  3. Achilles 200lb
  4. Hephaestus 250lb
  5. Hades 300lb

The other items Included in these bundles are one each of the following:

  • Grip Ring Plus
  • Finger Exerciser
  • 50g Godlike Grip Chalk
  • Hand Gripper Heaven Training Guide PDF (Download)

Developing a solid grip strength is essential for the majority of sporting activities as well as day to day life. This package will help develop a very strong well rounded grip strength.

If you require more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re strong enough to crush Hades 300lb Gripper make sure to submit your crush to join our coveted Crush Club.

Check out videos of our grippers here!


9 reviews for Hand Gripper Training Packages – 5 Levels

  1. Rebecca

    This package is great value for money, it arrived today and im blown away by how good everything is. Cant wait to get stuck in

  2. Aidan

    Had the beginner package a while, its helped my pull ups and other body weight exercises

  3. Simone G

    Bought this a while ago and couldn’t help but come back to give a review. The items are great and it’s really helped me recover from a wrist injury.

  4. Laura Davidson

    Purchased this for my partner as he’s been watching worlds strongest man over Christmas and seemed to love the grip events. Very happy with the package and he is too!

  5. Paul Barnes

    Wanted one of the godlike grippers but saw this package, great value for what you get really happy. Arrived well packed too

  6. Boo

    Love it! Fantastic service and top notch products

  7. Lillie-Rose

    Perfect for starters, I have now purchased 2 of these packages and love the variety of items.

  8. Saanvi Allison

    found the guide handy, turns out I was using my old gripper wrong.

  9. spence

    Nice items in here, was just going to get a gripper but glad I found this instead

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