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We’ve been working hard over the last few months perfecting the way that we can rate hand grippers both accurately and safety.

With the use of the best and most accurate equipment / weights we can offer a excellent level of service that the grip world want.

All hand grippers have a rating but due to there being a variety of hand grippers out there on the market a rating service will give you a more accurate idea of the weight of your hand grippers and how they vary from brand to brand.

What does rating mean?

Rating a hand grippers just means you will be given an accurate figure of what weight it will take to close the hand gripper.  This value will be given in lbs.

Why should I get my hand grippers rated?

Getting your hand grippers rating is a great way to ensure you are training towards your specific needs.  For example you might have bought a 100lb hand gripper but the accurate rating could be 115lb and this will answer why you feel it is taking you longer to close it than you thought it would. Accuracy and precision is vital when it comes to training and hitting your goals.

How do I know what level of hand gripper would suit me?

As we all know hand grippers are a great tool to train your grip.  But it is essential to start at the right level for you if you want to improve your grip.  As a rough guide a 100lb hand gripper is a great place to start for an average male.  Deadlifts are a great way to test your grip.

Can I purchase hand grippers from Gods of Grip?

Yes of course you can. We manufacture our own Godlike Hand Grippers which are available in 5 different resistances – 100lb – 300lb.

We also stock Captains Of Crush hand grippers which you can check out here.

Why not get your hand grippers rated before we ship them out to you for just an extra £5!


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