Godlike Hand Gripper Advanced Set

Forged on Mount Olympus by the God of Fire himself, Hephaestus, the GoG Hand Grippers have been remarkably crafted bearing the power to unlock Godlike Grip Strength…

Stolen by Hades with the aim of destroying man kind, the grippers were feared lost for many years…

After many battles we have since recovered these ancient Grippers and seek those brave enough to use them to unlock Godlike Grip Strength…

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Godlike Hand Gripper Sets are now available!

Our hand grippers are made with long lasting performance in mind. They are created using the highest quality materials and designed to give consistent performance that will last you a lifetime.

The Advanced gripper set includes;

Hand Grippers have long been a staple of the grip training world. While there are many variations available, finding a quality pair that will last you a lifetime are hard to come by.

  • Manufactured From High Quality Aluminium
  • Rust Proof Spring Coating
  • Long Lasting And Consistent Performance
  • Allows You To Unlock Your Grip Potential
  • Precision Knurling Without Being Harsh
  • Unique Colours Representing Gripper Rating
  • Big discounts on our hand gripper sets

Our grippers allow you to grow your crush grip strength, giving the consistent performance meaning you can see your progression.

With five different resistances there’s a level for everyone. Poseidon is our lowest resistance gripper at 100lb and Hades.. For those who dare to take it on.. comes in at 300lb.

Check out our instagram to see the grippers in action

Weight.75 kg

Poseidon 100lb – Tlaloc 150lb – Achilles 200lb


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