Finger Strength Resistance Bands – 3 Levels

Finger exercisers are perfect for:

  • Warming Up
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aiding Recovery
  • Building Strength

Created With High Quality Silicone

7 customer reviews

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The finger strength resistance bands are an amazing grip training accessory.

Duo Offer Includes 1 x Green 1 x Blue

Using these on a regular basis will help blood circulation. This will help restore muscle function as well as improving finger strength and flexibility.

They provide very good resistance when fully expanded in the hand and the level 3 resistance band will be challenging even to the most accomplished of grip trainers.

Available in 3 levels of resistance.

  • Blue – Level 1
  • Green – Level 2
  • Orange – Level 3

Finger exercisers are perfect for:

  • Warming Up
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aiding Recovery
  • Building Strength

The finger strength exerciser is one of our favorite products for grip training. The benefits of this accessory are endless, warm-up, build strength and recover.

How To Use The Finger Strength Resistance Bands

Place the loops of the exerciser over your fingers. Use the one at the bottom in the middle to place your thumb through.

You want to loops of the bands to be over your finger tips.

Then proceed to fully open your hand as far as possible, close it and repeat.

The resistance will be harder the higher up the loops are on your fingers.

Who Are They Suitable For

The real question is, who aren’t they suitable for. We recommend this product for a variety of sports, hobbies and injuries such as:

  • Climbers
  • Weighlifting
  • BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
  • Golfers
  • RSI
  • Racket Sports
  • Gymnastics

7 reviews for Finger Strength Resistance Bands – 3 Levels

  1. Adam Turner

    Tom sent me a set of these for my recent competition to use when warming up and recovering between events. Felt great and have continued to use them ever since.

  2. Alex Mason

    if you don’t have any of these get them. they have helped me so much with my wrist pain

  3. karen martin

    the best if you are looking to improve hand strength and recover!

  4. Frederick Allan

    Awesome little accessories to use on the go

  5. Al

    A great warm up/recovery accessory. Can be used almost anywhere. Use several times a day. Real noticeable difference in 3 levels. Easy identified by colour. Again fantastic shipping service and first rate advice from staff. Highly recommended.

  6. wojciech

    Arrived to Poland in good time for use every day

  7. Giorgia Pickett

    good product for my wrist

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