Crushed To Dust Training Package – IronMind 4 Guides In 1

The Ultimate Crushed To Dust Training Collection

  • 6 Week IronMind Hub Training Program
  • 6 Week IronMind Rolling Thunder Training Program
  • Hand Gripper Heaven Part 3 – Advanced

If you are looking to train for the IronMind Crushed To Dust challenge then you’ve come to the right place. This collection of our guides will point you in the right direction for progressing your training and reaching the ultimate goal, getting your name on the Crushed to Dust list!


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This Crushed To Dust training package has been made available by popular request.

It contains 4 of our most popular training programs / guides at a discounted price.

The crushed to dust challenge is one of the top grip achievements. In terms of difficulty, if you’re already pretty experienced the only tough part of this is the Rolling Thunder lift of 90kg.

Fortunately we have compiled this bundle which includes;

  • 6 Week IronMind Rolling Thunder training program
  • 6 Week IronMind Hub training program
  • Hand Gripper Heaven Part 3 – Advanced
  • Rolling Thunder Tips Tricks & Training

The combination of these guides is a very potent addition to anyone’s training plan and is sure to give you the boost you need to complete challenge.

1 review for Crushed To Dust Training Package – IronMind 4 Guides In 1

  1. Rick Rogers

    I had originally downloaded the rolling thunder program but ended up downloading this package too as it worked out cheaper for me! Amazing, great detail in the guides and im developing some proper strength

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