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pinch grip strength bundle

Pinch Grip Bundle

The pinch bundle has been designed to specifically target your PINCH grip strength.

You have the option of selecting from the Pinch Block, Cube or both.


  • The Cube 3” Or Pinch Block 2.5”
  • 3 x Finger Exercisers
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Carabiner
  • 100g Godlike Grip Chalk

Combining our best products this bundle will take your pinch strength to the next level.

pinch grip bundle



You have the selection of two of our favorite pinch grip tools.

The Cube - This is one of our latest pinch grip additions to the family. Providing a wide pinch challenge it's perfect for one handed lifting. We have recently seen more people using this for training 2 - 3 finger lifts.

Pinch Block - The most popular way to train your pinch grip is with the pinch block. The 2.5" block is perfect for training one handed lifts and provides a great challenge for a mid style pinch.

pinch grip training tools

Both pinch tools are finished in our top secret, extra grippy texture.


One of the best grip training accessories on the market. An area of grip and you can not train via any normal lifts. Your extensors are a crucial area to strengthen within the forearm and will greatly help develop a strong all round grip.

The finger exercises in this bundle include level 1-3, you can use the lower levels for warming up / recovery work and level 3 for building strength.

These should be used multiple times per week, you'll be amazed with the results.

finger exercisers


A bonus addition into this bundle, the perfect accompaniment for your grip tools.

We pride our chalk on being the best quality you will find anywhere. No lumps, no bumps, just smooth extra grippy powdered chalk.

chalk hands


Pinch grip is the strength between your fingers and thumb. You can actually develop a surprisingly strong pinch grip considering the size of the muscle group.

Pinch grip relies less on the forearm than crush / support grip so requires more focused training to develop.

pinch grip training


Plate pinching is an extraordinary feat of strength and a great way to train your pinch grip. Have you ever tried pinching 2 x 20kg smooth sided plates? Well you should.. It's a lot harder than it looks and a great goal to shoot for.

pinch grip training

Our favorite ways to train pinch grip are, well using a pinch block obviously. They are the perfect grip tools for exploding your pinch grip strength. These are included in our pinch grip bundle and should be part of your weekly training routine.


Developing a solid pinch grip outside of grip sport does have its benefits. You use it in everyday life, simple examples of this are picking up objects or even writing.

pinch grip training

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