Want to compare yourself to the best in the World? Our leaderboards have been created to give you an insight to what others are lifting using our equipment.

To make it fair we have created some ground rules for completing a successful lift. 

The Rules

Grip Tools

This category includes the following lines of equipment:

Single Hand Lift:

Single Hand Hold For Time:

Two Handed Lift:

To complete a successful list eligible to rank on our leaderboard you must adhere to the following rules:

The Lift

  • The lift must be completed to a minimum of 6" height. 
  • Only the lifting arm(s) can touch the equipment during the lift. 
  • Once completed the equipment should be lowered in a controlled manor.

An example of a successful lift can be seen here.

Additional Information

Rolling Handles

When lifting with the rolling handle, your hand must not touch the frame at any point during the lift.


When lifting with the hubs, all five of your fingers must be in contact with the base plate at the point of lifting, they are OK to release during the lift.


  • The use of powdered magnesium carbonate is allowed and encouraged.
  • The use of liquid chalk is not permitted.


The use of any supportive equipment on the lifting arm is not allowed, this includes:

  • Plasters / Bandage
  • Wrist Wraps / Supports
  • Elbow Sleeve

Submitting your lift

The easiest way to submit your lift is by tagging us on instagram @godsofgrip. Alternatively you can send your video to info@godsofgrip.co.uk

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