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crush grip training bundle

Crush Grip Bundle

The crush bundle has been designed to specifically target your CRUSH grip strength. Combining our best products this bundle will take your crush strength to the next level. Including:

This awesome bundle not only allows you to focus on your crush grip but also mix up your training thanks to the variety of items included.


crush grip bundle




One of our most popular products, the godlike grippers. The ultimate crush grip training tool. Easy to use, easily portable and providing great results. The hand gripper is undoubtedly the king of crush grip.

godlike grippersThe godlike grippers are available in 5 different resistance, depending on your current level you should select beginner, intermediate or advanced.

hand gripper crush


Another great gripper for keeping with you on the move. The adjustable gripper comes in at a much lower resistance compared to the godlike grippers.

adjustable grippersThis makes it the perfect tool for warming up or using on recovery days.

The comfortable padded handles and ergonomic design allow for it to be used most days without causing abrasion to the hands.

adjustable hand gripper


Not only are they perfect for warming up, the higher resistance on these rings really does make them challenging, they are great for building strength too!

The benefit of having the Grip Ring set is you can see your progression.

Having a goal such as the 80lb Black Grip Ring is a good target. It requires some serious crushing power too!


Our Star Grippers are the perfect recovery and rehabilitation accessory whether you are at the office, at the gym or at home.

The soft feel and ergonomic star style design allows them to sit in your hand comfortably. Replicating the crushing motion, it allows you to engage your fingers / wrist and forearm.

Our star grippers have been extremely popular with people from a wide variety of professions.


Crush grip is the grip between your fingers and palm. A typical example of this would be if you were to close your hand as tightly as you can. This is the crushing motion.

Crush grip is great fun to train as there is a large variety of grip tools that can develop not only your grip but overall strength too.


If you are already a regular in the gym, training your crush grip is very easy. You can make a few adjustments to your training and increase your crush over a relatively short period of time.

On deadlift days you can add short holds to the end of your lift, we would prefer that you use double overhand grip whilst warming up and leave the straps off as long as possible. This applies to rows and pull downs. Leave the straps off as long as you can.

One of our favorite ways to develop crush grip is using a rolling handle. Basically a one handed deadlift with a thick handle that rotates, sounds cool right? Well it is! We highly recommend you give them a go.


Crush grip is used all day every day. Whether your opening doors, driving your car or shaking a colleagues hand (not so much anymore).

Crush grip is used for almost everything hand related. If you have a job that requires manual labor then you'll likely have a good crush grip already.

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