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Onward & Upwards – Bonehill Grip Contest

Catch Up

It’s been a busy few months here at Gods Of Grip, especially with preparation for Bonehill Grip Contest starting.
We have been overwhelmed with the support and reaction people have had since the launch of our Godlike Hand Grippers.
It took us a while to perfect the design and specifications but it’s all worth it now seeing how much everybody loves them!
With Cerberus and Hades on the brink of release we are really excited for the launch!
We are always experimenting with new ideas and training techniques, perfecting our training guides.
The members subscribed to our Grip God plan’s are usually happy to go along with some new ideas we have with regards to training and its great to see how much everyone is progressing.
If you’re interested in our customized grip training plans you can check them out here. We currently have 2 spaces available as of 17/07/2019.

New Website

With the growth we have had in the last few months in not only orders but visitors too we took the decision to move onto a new host. Hopefully the change will be within the next month or so depending on how testing goes.
We really want people to have the best experience when visiting us.
Finding information easily, finding products easily, and just improving the overall aesthetics is important to us.
If you have any feedback regarding how your experience has been we would love to hear!

Training Update – Bonehill

With around 4 weeks until the Bonehill Grip competition in Finland the training has really ramped up now.
We are really looking forward to this competition, not only to compete but also meet lots of people we have interacted with through social media.
Training the last month or so has taken a bit of a hit due to purely being so busy with Gods Of Grip work including the new website, orders and training plans.
But now Bonehill takes priority and we’re coming in hot!

Check out some of our recent training videos on @godsofgrip

That’s all for now really, just a quick update on how things are progressing.

Thank you for all your support recently we hope we can keep improving and providing the best level of service.


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