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No Pain No Gain – Rolling Thunder Motivation

As week 3 of our 6 week training program’s begun.. I already knew what was coming, the hardest and most challenging week of the program is quite possibly Week 3 Day 1, especially in the Rolling Thunder 6 week Training Program, over 100 reps total of a high weight really was extremely tough.

One of our clients once claimed this week was written by the Devil himself. I think I have to agree. Even now as I type this blog my forearm and wrist still burn after completing the day and it really brought home to me the saying.. No Pain No Gain..

It would have been very easy for me to give up on set 8 and finish early, but to keep grinding through the pain, spurred on by thoughts of ripping a huge new PR in 3 weeks time I toughed it out. These are the days where you build the foundation for pulling the big weights. The days you feel like you cant be bothered or feel like you could give up, keep going, grind it out. If you are training for a competition think about your biggest competitor, is he/she going to be missing training days or cutting them short? Probably not.
So why let them get the upper hand, put in the work.

The point behind this post is just to motivate everyone out there.. No matter what your doing, do it to your best. Don’t come up short or cut corners. you’re only cheating yourself.


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