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We have been very busy here at Gods of Grip, arranging content on the website, making it look a bit fancier, welding, chopping and banging together our new line of equipment including loading pins, pinch blocks, hand grippers and something were keeping top secret for now… If you didn’t know we recently hit 100 orders.. Which may not seem like a big deal but for us it’s a great achievement were immensely proud of. We want to spread Grip Training across the World so people can feel the benefits not just in the gym, but outside of it too. Maintaining a healthy grip is very important for everyone. We did post on celebrating our 100th order shortly after on Instagram which if you haven’t, you can check out here But I also wanted to write a small blog to say thank you and catch up with everyone while letting you know our plans going forward. We have been working hard on getting our Loading Pins and Pinch Blocks ready for release. After a couple of adjustments V3 of the loading pin has been approved and is ready for production, they will be powder coated red, and the pinch blocks will be a lovely textured black, we were thinking of a powder coat for the pinch block’s too but the textured black just felt better in the hand, and after all that’s what really matters. Our loading pins are powder coated in RED and stand 15” high 2” wide, which is standard for Olympic plates. We have not put any 1” pins into production yet but this could be something we look at for the future. So far we have tested the pins up to 250kg giving them a bit of rough treatment to make sure they react well to that sort of weight. The Pinch Blocks, while similar in looks will be different to any pinch block you have tried before. The width is 60mm, but the block itself is capped off and is relatively heavy compared to most other blocks. This is to give it more of a consistent feel throughout. Our Hand Grippers are due to land any time this week and we are super excited for you to try these! We have started off with 3 different resistances in 3 different colors. 100lb – Blue (Poseidon) 200lb – Gold (Achilles) 250lb – Red (Hephaestus Flame) Enjoy a little sneak preview below of our prototypes images. Thanks.. See you soon.

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