IronMind Hub – Progress Update #2

While recently focus may have shifted to other events as more equipment has been arriving into the shed, I thought i’d give the hub a little bit of love at the end of the session. Started off with a couple of easy reps with 10kg getting the fingers used to the crippling pain again. Next I loaded up a 20kg and picked it up like a bag of sugar. Maybe having a little bit of time away from this has let my fingers recover! So I immediately loaded up to around 30ish kg and gave it a go! What do you know, up it came! After weighing it turns out it was actually 32.3kg! That’s a brand new PR for me and a massive step to reaching next years Grip Goal of 35kg! You can watch the video here Speaking of Grip Goals! I will shortly be posting something about next years goals and what I want to achieve regarding not only numbers but competition wise too. Feeling confident after the Right hand PR I fancied a little go with the left hand, unsure what my current PR was but it was around 25kg.
Managed to get 27.2kg which was very difficult, my left hand just feels much weaker on this lift!
Anyway there’s a little update on the hub, maybe good rest for the fingers is key to big numbers on this lift!


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