Helping Restore Loss Of Strength In Hands

This post will cover a number of issues relating to loss of strength in hands and grip strength. Loss of hand grip will come to most of us as we get older. Hand grip is a great indication to see how much muscle has been lost in elderly people. The loss of grip can hinder people in doing every day jobs such as unlocking doors as they struggle to grip the key as well as carrying shopping and they can’t grip the handles. Some everyday exercises and jobs can be done to help prevent people from losing their grip.We have a few suggestions which are as follows: -Squeeze a soft ball or O-Zone gripper between the fingers and thumb, we have small hand grip rings in our store which are perfect for this. -Use the hands to roll clay or blue tac into balls, this is good for stimulating most of the muscles in the hand and helping bloodflow. -Wring out the dish cloth after washing up, then wring it out again. Doing this will become a habit and soon you’ll be doing it without even noticing. Its not just elderly people who lose grip strength. Some people lose grip strength due to a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This condition is an accumulation of problems that consist of pain, swelling, tingling and loss of grip. But there are simple hand exercises you can do to build and maintain the grip strength within the hands as well as ease the pain from the condition. The hand exercises below can be done and will be beneficial for everyone with or without Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All these exercises can be done when sitting at home watching the tv or whilst working. It is important these exercises are done on a regular basis to ensure the muscles are const being moved and stretched. Exercise One Stretched hand to fist (increases the range of motion in the hand) -Make a fist for 15/30 seconds -Stretch out the hand -Repeat 3 times Exercise Two Relaxed to stretched hands -Place relaxed hand on table -Flatten hand on table -Hold for 15 seconds -Repeat 3 times Exercise Three Finger Raisers -Place hand flat on the table -Raise index finger -Hold for 15 seconds -Try each finger on each hand twice Exercise Four Thumb extender and flexer (increases the range of motion in the thumb) -Extend the thumb on both hands 10 times -Flex the thumb on both hands 10 times

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