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Custom Grip Training Plans

This week’s blog (I know it’s been a while) is focusing on developments with regards to our custom grip training plans. 

We have a fair few members currently signed up to our custom grip training plans. All of whom come from a variety of different backgrounds, and levels of strength. The one thing they have in common is wanting to improve their grip strength for a certain sport / health reasons. Whether it’s strongman, climbing, BJJ or archery. Our aim is to improve your grip strength. By giving you the best level of training advice and programming we will help you succeed.

We are always learning, improving our training methods and looking for new advice from other professionals. 

There are so many different ways you can improve your grip strength and we hand pick the exercises that we feel would benefit you most.

You can check out our custom grip plans here

Always Learning

The only way to improve yourself and your training is by always being open to new ideas, trying new methods and using other peoples experiences to grow your overall knowledge. Don’t be afraid to try new exercises or lifting techniques, learning what works best for you is the key to progression. 

Expanding our knowledge of how muscles of the body better interact with each other and how to train them best is something we are always learning about. This can only improve the way we offer our training programs, techniques and advise. 


Our team here at Gods Of Grip is growing each month, and with the growth comes more experience and knowledge. We have members from a variety of backgrounds, strongmen, powerlifters, climbers and bodybuilders, as well as hardcore grip trainers of course. This wealth of experience allows us to pool our knowledge and create the best training advice we can. 

What You Get

Our usual protocol when it comes to a new client would be to see how you want to improve your grip, find out a little background information and see what equipment you have access to. We then incorporate a 2 / 3 day a week training plan. Depending on your current level we would start off with some basic movements and lighter weight. Then as you become more comfortable with some of the movements, we can start cranking up the weight and reps. 

Here To Help

Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions. If you are struggling with your technique on a certain lift, we will always offer advice and constructive criticism where needed. We are happy to send pictures / videos showing how to improve your technique. Our guides will include images on how to perform a lift but if you just want to check your technique send us over a video and we will check it out and let you know!


What better way to showcase our custom grip training plans than with some testimonials from our current / previous clients.

Alex Marsh

“I saw a huge improvement in my grip strength in just a couple of weeks. The program is really well laid out and easy to follow. After the first month Tom added in some short term goals for me to hit which was really fun and kept me focused. If I struggled with a lift Tom would help me straight away and usually send over a video of the lift, or the part where I was struggling, showing exactly how to do it. I would highly recommend the custom grip plans, I have been on board now for 4 months and my grip is just going from strength to strength.”

Ethan McDowell

“After breaking my wrist earlier in the year and struggling with lifting in the gym I contacted Gods Of Grip to see if they could help me out with a rehabilitation program. I will be completely honest and say I am blown away by the constant support and variety of exercises they gave me. I don’t have much equipment at home but with some really simple tools I was able to get a good routine going. The difference it has made to my wrist is amazing, I feel more confident than ever and know a ‘solid foundation’ has been built. That was the aim when we started and here we are 3 months later, I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Goran Lund

“I needed to improve my ability to grip more weight on the deadlift for my powerlifting. I followed a strict 4 week program just before my competition and I feel like it really helped. They made it so it went in with my powerlifting training. Thank you”

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