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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
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Finger Strength Resistance BandsFinger Strength Resistance Band Level 1 3d
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Finger Strength Resistance Bands
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GOG Latex Resistance Bands SetGOG Latex Resistance Bands Dimensions
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GOG Resistance Bands
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GOG Red Resistance Band 7 - 16kgGOG Red Resistance Band 7 - 16kg Dimensions
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GOG Black Resistance Band 11-30kgGOG Black Resistance Band 11-30kg Dimensions
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GOG Purple Resistance Band 16-39kgGOG Purple Resistance Band 16-39kg Dimensions
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GOG Green Resistance Band 25-57kgGOG Green Resistance Band 25-57kg Dimensions

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Everything you need to know about resistance bands

What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are an excellent, versatile piece of training equipment. Available in a variety of different tensions ranging from 7kg to 57kg, each band has a different use which allows you to target different muscle groups. You can even complete full workouts just using resistance bands, this makes them perfect for using at home or in the gym.

Our resistance bands are available in 4 tensions:

If you purchase the complete set of 4 resistance bands, they arrive in a handy carry bag.

How to use resistance bands

There are a variety of ways you can use resistance bands. It all really depends on your goals and what other equipment you may have access to. The lower resistance bands are perfect for warming up using for recovery and rebuilding strength.

The higher resistance bands are perfect for building strength and using them as an accessory for compound movements. You can even attach them to your rack to provide a longer time under tension to your lifts.

Using resistance bands for recovery

The lower tension resistance bands are perfect for recovery and warming up before training. They are great for aiding common injuries such as shoulder pain, tennis elbow, runners knee, tight hip flexors or any common strains and pains. We would recommend using the Red Band or Black Band for recovery.

Using resistance bands to add light tension to certain movements is a great way to slowly build up strength and rebuild muscle after an injury. It will also help improve your mobility and flexibility.

Building strength with resistance bands

Using resistance bands is a great way to increase strength, muscle mass and flexibility. The higher tension resistance bands are best for this. We would recommend either the Purple Band or Green Band

We recently created an article on our top 5 resistance band exercises for big arms. It’s a great article well worth a read. There are a huge variety of movements you can perform just using resistance bands. Sticking to the higher tension with a lower amount of reps will help you build strength.

Improving flexibility with resistance bands

Stretching frequently with resistance bands is one of the best, and easiest ways to help increase flexibility and range of motion.

The added time under tension of the resistance band allows you to get deeper into the stretch. It also allows you to see improvements over time and gradually increase the length of stretches in your own time.