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Hub's are excellent grip training tools for developing pinch grip strength. Our hub's have are manufactured in 3 different heights to target different areas of your pinch grip.

As with all of our grip tools, the hubs have been designed, manufactured and tested by our team in the UK.

  • Low Hub - 12mm
  • Mid Hub - 25mm
  • High High Hub - 40mm

What Is A Hub?

Hubs are grip tools based on the old York 45lb weight plates. Famous for having the 'hub' in the middle people would lift them up, just using the hub showcasing huge pinch grip strength.

A variety of models are now available in all shapes and sizes.

Why Our Hub?

Hub's are extremely humbling. Most people will struggle to even lift 10kg, when you see the World Class guys are lifting in excess of 40kg. It will blow your mind.

Our hubs are designed to give you a different challenge with the wide base and varying heights. The lower the hub, the harder the lift. As with all of our grip tools, we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products made in the UK.

From testing to cutting to welding to painting, we do it all. Every piece of equipment is fully checked before we send them out to you.

Which Hub Do I Choose?

When it comes to hub lifting, there's little room for error. Training on one style of hub is good for developing your strength for that lift.

However training on a variety of different heights allows you to improve your overall strength much more. The lower the hub, the tougher the lift, this is mainly down to the lack of finger / grip you can get on the actual hub.

It all depends on what sort of challenge you are looking for.

Start Lifting

Then you're good to go!

Hub's are one of the best tools for focusing on your pinch grip strength. You can incorporate a mixture of repetitions, holds and max lifts to give yourself a great workout.

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