Meditating is a wonderful way to give your mind a break from the busyness of everyday life. When you learn to meditate you will find yourself more relaxed and have improved focus and productivity. Follow these tips from the New York Meditation Center to get the most from your meditation sessions.

1). Pick A Convenient Time

Meditation is principally all about relaxation. That is why it should be done at your convenience and preferably somewhere you are alone. Choose a time you are less likely to encounter disturbances so that you can relax and enjoy meditating.

Most people recommend the hours nature transitions between day and night. The sunrise and sunset periods are perfect for meditation since you will find it quiet with few to no disturbances.

2). Choose A Quiet Place

Let’s reiterate the need to pick a convenient place to be alone to meditate in peace. A quiet and serene surrounding makes the experience more relaxing and enjoyable, especially if you are a beginner.

3). Be In A Comfortable Posture

Posture plays a significant role when meditating. You should be comfy, steady, and relaxed. Therefore, sit straight with your neck and shoulders relaxed, the spine erect, and keep your eyes closed throughout the session. The padmasana (lotus position) is a popular posture for meditation, more so for beginners.

4). Consider Meditating On An Empty Stomach

It is best to start your meditation before having a meal. A full stomach can have you dozing off when you are feeling relaxed and comfortable as you meditate. But do not force things if you feel too hungry. The hunger pangs can make it challenging to practice because it will be hard taking your mind off food during the session. Beginners can consider meditating two or three hours after eating instead of doing it before.

5). Start With Warm-Up Exercises

Doing a few warm-up routines or Sukshma yoga before you start meditating can help remove inertia, improve circulation, and make you feel lighter. Since meditation requires sitting steadily for an extended period, warming up is a critical step in your practice.

6). Take A Deep Breaths

It also is a vital part of the preparation process. Deep breathing combined with Nadi Shodhan pranayama yoga is ideal before you start meditating. It will steady your breathing rhythm and help clear your mind to achieve a peaceful mediative state.

7). Maintain A Smile

Keep a smile on your face, and be intentional about it; you will note the difference it makes. It will help you feel and stay relaxed and at peace, thus enhancing the entire experience.

8). Open Your Eyes Slowly

Once you reach the end of your meditation session, do not open your eyes, and get up immediately. Instead, open your eyes gradually while still seated. Take the time to be more self-aware and of your surroundings before you start moving about.

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