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When it comes to the Dinnie Stones, there is often a lot of mystery around the what where who why when…

The aim of this article is to answer most of the questions you may have about the Dinnie Stones.

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What Are The Dinnie Stones?

The Dinnie Stones are a pair of Scottish lifting stones. These are located in Potarch, Aberdeenshire. Made up of granite, with iron rings fixed to them, the stones were originally used in the 1830’s as counterweights when performing maintenance on the Potarch Bridge. 

the dinnie stones

After the first World War the Dinnie Stones went missing until 1953 when David P Webster rediscovered them.

The Dinnie Stones have a combined weight of 332.49kg / 733lbs. The larger of the 2 stones weighs 188.02kg / 414.5lbs whilst the smaller stone weighs in at 144.47kgs / 318.5lb.

Where are they?

The Dinnie Stones are now located outside the Old Potarch Hotel between Aboyne & Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

Who has lifted the Dinnie Stones?

Most people would struggle to even move the smallest of the Dinnie Stones 188.02kg / 414.5lbs but there are some people out there who can lift and even walk with both at the same time.

donald dinnie

A legendary Scottish strongman named Donald Dinnie famously managed to carry both dinnie stones, with his bare hands, across the whole width of the Potarch Bridge. A casual distance of 17 ft 1.5 in / 5.22m. This monumental feat of strength has only been replicated by 5 men since, including his father.

What are the records?

Currently there are a few different records held for lifting the stones.

Farmers Walk

Brian Shaw, 4 time World's Strongest Man managed to carry the stones for 11ft 6.5 in / 3.52m. He actually did this while filming for the hit history channel show, Strongest Man In History. This was on 18th April 2019. Brian is well known for his huge grip strength, but this feat must be one of his most impressive.

brian shaw dinnie stones

Unassisted Hold

This record is currently held by Mark Haydock. He managed to beat his own previous record and get an unfathomable 41.00 second hold. I’m sure Mark will be back again in the future to try and beat this already huge record. 

dinnie stones lift

Women’s Lifts

To date there have been four women who have managed to lift the Dinnie Stones. Emmajane Smith was the first woman to do so without straps on January 19 2019. A little later that year on June 10th 2019, Annika Eilmann was the first woman to actually lift and hold the stones for just over 10 seconds, unassisted! These women can only be inspiring other women around the world to attempt this monumental feat of strength!

donna more dinnie stones lift

Who can lift the Dinnie Stones?

The Dinnie Stones are open to anyone. Providing you are able to prove you can lift over 300kg / 662lbs in an unassisted manor. Which is no easy feat. Any lift must be agreed as least one month in advance through the guardians of the stones. There are many replicas of the rings available to train with, so why not give it a go?

dinnie stones lift

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