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A busy start to the year has seen us begin to focus more on our upcoming line of grip training equipment. We’ve been slowly releasing more and more products.

grip tool collection

We have been creating and developing a line of grip training equipment ranging from loading pins, hubs, pinch blocks, rolling handles, short steel, mid steel and some top secret grip tools were super excited about.

Best of all we are using a local fabricator who uses the best of British steel. We’re really proud to manufacture products here in the UK and sell Worldwide.

uk made

Grip Training Equipment

Loading Pins

The loading pin is an must have item for any gripster and strength athlete. They are versatile and necessary for attaching all of your grip tools to.

We designed our loading pins for heavy duty lifting. 6mm high quality steel is used and so far we have tested them upto 250kg (all we could fit on the pin). They are currently available in Olympic Size (2″) and stand 15″ tall, which is the standard loading pin height.

We added a nice sized hook at the top for easy clipping / unclipping of the carabiner.

Loading pins can be used for a variety of lifts.

  • Attaching your grip tools
  • Loading extra weight on pull ups
  • Adding to a pulley system

Pinch Blocks

With the introduction of our 2.5″ pinch block earlier this year we’ve listened to the feedback given and slightly adjusted the texture.

pinch block collection

Initially we went with a really solid block finished with quite a smooth paint. It was quite hard to get a solid layer of chalk on. We’ve now changed over to a really nice paint that has a textured finish and chalk sticks to it really well. It also has a bit of a shine to it too which is really nice.

pinch block texture

The 2.5″ pinch block has been made for even the biggest of hands, at 12cm deep there’s no chance you’ll be reaching underneath.

We decided to release the 2.5″ pinch block first as its a tough width to get a hold of and will really test out your pinch grip.

pinch block texture

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our 2″ and 3″ pinch blocks. This will complete the trio for now.

All of our pinch blocks will eventually get leaderboards so you guys can compare yourselves against the best.

Hub Style Pinch Gripper

What would a grip tool collection be without a hub? Love it or hate it, they’re great fun (and a pain in the fingers).

hub collection


Recently released in 3 different heights. Low Mid & High. Each one provides a different challenge. 


GOG Short Steel

One of our most exciting launches this year was the short steel. It took a LONG time to perfect the steel we wanted to use for these bars.

gods of grip short steel

We wanted steel that was consistent in the long run, looked as good as a steel bar can. We also selected lengths / diameters that we felt would best compliment each other and allow you to progress up the ladder in small steps.

Steel bending / snapping is something we’ve really started to do more often here and the benefits are huge. Who likes cardio? Certainly not me. Well steel snapping is a great way to sneak some cardio in, without it feeling like cardio.. Especially on some of the big snaps, or snapping multiple bars in a row.

gods of grip short steel

A question we often get asked is, how do you get into steel bending. There is no easing in. You just need to go for it, get yourself a couple of bars, pair of wraps and a bit of chalk then you’re good to go.

GOG Mid Length Steel

Fancy giving yourself more of a challenge? Mid length steel will certainly test your endurance and strength to its limits.

mid length steel

We have been testing out different lengths and diameters of steel. Trust me it’s not been easy, however we feel you guys are up to the job! We’ve released 4 diameters in 14″ length, starting from 8mm all the way up to 14mm.

This blog will be updated throughout the rest of the year with any new grip tool launches

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