Are pull buoys good or bad? Benefits and How to choose the best?

Pull buoy is a number eight (8) shaped foam used for swimming purposes. It is also called leg float in many places. It helps the swimmers to focus on training only their arms and upper body side.

Training with a pull buoy takes the lower body out of mind. It will provide a hard workout for arms, shoulders, neck, biceps and upper backside. One can soon feel the benefit when he swims without pull buoys.

A slow pace swimmer will find freestyle stroke feeling easier with a pull buoy. It helps to establish good body positions as well as techniques.
After reading the whole post you will know is it really good or bad? And how to choose the best pull buoy for swimming.

Are pull buoy good or bad

Pull buoy benefits

There is a question that if pull buoys good or bad. Well, a pull buoy is useful and good in many ways.

Pull buoys are mainly useful because they reduce the number of large kicks that swimmers usually make. It fixes scissor kicks, which caused by loss of balance in the water. Sometimes pull buoy helps to solve and improve these kinds of problems.

Also, a pull buoy helps to master arm-stroke. Pull buoys are very useful in the training session. It helps to develop your body strength as well as breathing systems.

Why do I swim faster with a pull buoy?

Pull buoys are very useful to assist. Most swimmers find swimming with a pull-buoy much faster and easier.

As it seats between legs, so the fleetingness helps reducing drag by pushing the swimmer’s leg up in the water.

Secondly, pull buoy stops scissor kicks during swimming. Scissor kicks reduce much speed by making huge drags and other forces.

It also disturbs the control and position of the swimmer. Sometimes it missed by swimmers since it happens quickly most of the time.

Pull buoy helps developing upper body strength means hands, breathing systems and stability, so it makes a swimmer swim faster with much control and less drag.

How do I choose a pull buoy?

Pull buoy is very useful and effective for many professional swimmers. But for the benefit, you must have to use the right pull buoy. It must fit your body and must be comfortable at the time of swimming.

Without the right product, you can’t increase your body balance, breath circle, and strength during swimming.

You have to choose the right size for a good result. There are many shapes and many designed pull buoys nowadays. You should not use large-sized buoys because it sometimes may slip and lose stability. Use large foamed pull buoy if you want maximum buoyancy.

If you feel pull buoy is giving over-buoyancy, try flipping it around and using it with the smaller side facing down

Are pull buoys good?

Pull buoys are very good and effective for many new and professional swimmers. It helps a lot by increasing balance and improving body strength as well as body strength.

Using a pull buoy is the perfect way of improving stroke techniques. Pull buoy give you to give full focus on the upper body’s movements. As a result, you can fix problems and have benefits on performance without pull buoys.

Training with a pull buoy can also help to concentrate on breathing. It will help to have and making the perfect rhythm on breathing. Spotting and improving better breathing is absolutely essential for fast and smooth swimming. Pull buoy helps a lot in this case.

However, not all coaches and swimmers advise the frequent use of buoys. Some experts think that it spoils their proper technique and creates sloppy strokes. Sometimes after a long time using a pull buoy, it feels uncomfortable without pull buoy in professional swimming.

How to use pull buoy perfectly?

A pull buoy is a fantastic assistant for training purposes. It helps swimmers by maximising time in the pools. Here I am showing the way to use pull buoy.

  • Using upper body: The best way of using your pull buoy is between your upper thighs. Many swimmers use buoy close to the knees. It causes the leg to bend which increases drag and friction with the water.
  • Use larger end below: Place the pull buoy between your upper thighs. It will help you to have a better position by keeping body and hips straight in the water.
  • Band your ankles: Try to band your ankles together if you want to prevent kicking. Kicking with pull buoy sometimes can lead to bad performance when swimming without pull buoys. So, band around your ankles if you really think you can kick with a pull buoy.
  • Different swimming strokes: Practising various swimming strokes can develop arm movements and various breath controls. It helps to perfect your arm moves and strong muscles of the upper body. You can try backstroke, sidestroke, and breaststroke for this purpose.
  • Pointing toes: Pointing toes at the time of practice, makes you even more hydrodynamic. It pushes you faster in swimming.


In this article, I have already described most of the factors about pull buoys. It is seen that a pull buoy has so many advantages. Pull buoy let you give attention to your arm technique and faults you make.

It increases buoyancy and your lower body rises. It is also a very useful assist. It helps a lot to swimmers. I have also described how to use and choose it. So considering everything, I will say pull buoys are really effective for the swimmers.
Kick boards is also a such swimming type tool. It also helps swimmers for better swimming strokes. To learn more about kick boards Read, How to use a kickboard.

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