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Gods Of Grip

Welcome to Gods Of Grip, let us give you a brief description about us.

Gods Of Grip started back in early 2018. As an experienced group of lifters into Strongman / Power lifting / Bodybuilding, the importance of grip strength for us all was becoming more obvious.

Exploring the different styles of training and unique pieces of equipment you can use for grip training opened up a whole new world of training methods and techniques.

We begun exploring styles of training used by old school strongmen and circus lifters. Many of these had world class grip strength and this allowed them to perform extraordinary feats.

The importance of grip training and strength is becoming more and more obvious in strongman / power lifting competitions. After all, if you can’t hold onto it.. You can’t lift it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the importance of a good grip around the world. Grow the sport and develop new and innovative training methods.

Our Vision

Over the past year we have grown substantially. Our goals and vision are constantly growing. Ultimately we want to host multiple Grip & Arm lifting competitions every year at our own facility.

The Founder

Let me just quickly introduce myself. I am Tom Lymath, founder of Gods Of Grip.

The passion for Grip & Arm lifting training begun in early 2017. I started off training with hand grippers & the rolling thunder. This when the passion became an obsession.

A whole new world of equipment opened up to me and as I started learning how to use this equipment and develop new training methods I begun writing blogs.

These blogs soon turned into guides and now we even have our own line of hand grippers!

6000+ Happy Customers

6000+ Happy Customers

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience.

Multiple Record Holders

Multiple Record Holders

Our team includes a number of world record holders in Grip & Arm lifting events.

25+ Years of Experience

25+ Years of Experience

Over 25 years of combined experience in our team means we can give you the best advice.

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